e-Manifest Update

Rows of barrels of hazardous waste in Richmond, VA

e-Manifest Update

Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest System Update

As we announced in our April 27th notification, the EPA will initiate its Electronic Manifest System (e-Manifest) for waste that is received by treatment and disposal sites on or after June 30, 2018.

Below are some key points to consider, but nothing will change for our customers who are the generators of waste:

Although the EPA will be reducing the number of copies from 6 to 5, generators can exhaust their current 6-part manifest inventory prior to purchasing the new 5-part manifests.

Generators of waste will continue to complete manifests as they are doing today.  Nothing will change.  If ECOFLO is providing manifests to you today, we will continue to do so after the June 30th change.

ECOFLO will continue to accept paper manifests and submit both a data file and a pdf scanned copy to the EPA to satisfy the initial electronic submittal requirements.

Signed and returned paper manifests will continue to go back to the generators of waste.

Generators can register at ww.epa.gov/e-Manifest to be able to view an electronic copy of the manifest that was submitted to the EPA.

There is also an EPA Fact Sheet for shareholders that include generators, brokers, transporters and TSDFs that can be found at https://www.epa.gov/e-manifest/fact-sheets-e-manifest-stakeholders

The EPA will be charging the TSDFs a fee for each manifest submitted as required by the Electronic Manifest System to cover their system development and ongoing system maintenance cost.  ECOFLO will also incur software development and hardware costs, along with ongoing labor cost to implement and maintain the Electronic Manifest System.  ECOFLO will also incur a manifest fee from our outbound disposal partners.

Due to this added cost, effective for those manifests received on or after June 30, 2018, ECOFLO will have a “Manifest Fee” line on each invoice where a hazardous waste manifest was utilized.  This fee will be $10 per manifest.

For general information, please review the EPA’s e-Manifest FAQ’s at the link below.

Frequent Questions about the e-Manifest Initiative