Hazardous Waste Disposal in Charlotte

As with our other ECOFLO® locations across the Eastern US, our Charlotte, North Carolina facilities provide hazardous and non-hazardous waste removal services for businesses, local and Federal government agencies, municipalities, non-profit commercial ventures, and private residents. We have provided industrial services to Mecklenburg and surrounding counties such as Cabarrus, Iredell, and Union.

The North Carolina ECOFLO hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities (TSDF) was one of the earliest industrial waste management providers to meet and exceed the requirements set by the TSDF designated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

Over the years, we have worked to reduce our carbon footprint, as well as those of our clients. We feel that it is not enough to merely remove and dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, but that we must go the extra mile by embracing environmental sustainability for our clients by offering alternative disposal technologies and waste reduction consultation such as Waste to Energy and recycling options.

We service the following areas in the Charlotte Areas:

  • Eastover
  • Uptown
  • Ballantyne
  • Myers Park
  • SouthPark
  • Matthews
  • Plaza-Midwood
  • Huntersville
  • Dilworth
  • Concord
  • Kannapolis
  • Mooresville
  • Cornelius
  • Matthews
  • Salisbury
  • Fort Mill
  • Rock Hill

Currently, our Charlotte-Mecklenburg ECOFLO facilities serve individuals and businesses in these North Carolina locations:
 Union County, Stanly County, Iredell County, Cabarrus County,          Concord, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Mint Hill, Pineville, Matthews, Lake Norman, Denver, and Statesville. We also service these South Carolina areas: Columbia, Greenville, Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Florence, and Spartanburg.

Some of the facilities our Charlotte ECOFLO branch has provided industrial services for includes, but is not limited to, are the Charlotte-Douglas Airport, the Hickory Grove Recycling Center, the Foxhole Recycling Center, the North Mecklenburg Recycling Center and the Hickory Grove Recycling Center.

In addition to Hazardous Waste Disposal in Charlotte, We also provide hazardous and non-hazardous waste removal services for Local and Federal government agencies, municipalities, non-profits, and commercial ventures. In addition to our footprint in North Carolina, you can also find divisions of ECOFLO in the Atlanta, Georgia and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania areas.

Industrial Services from ECOFLO

We provide industrial services to government agencies, healthcare facilities, commercial and non-profit ventures, private and publicly-owned ventures and individuals all across North Carolina and upstate South Carolina is an important aspect of maintaining and sustaining our environment. To help your industry create an eco-friendly legacy, ECOFLO offers many turnkey industrial services such as the following:

Waste Management Disposal – Whether you have tank loads of industrial waste, drums, chromic liquid, sludge, PCB waste, contaminated soil waste or solid waste, the North Carolina ECOFLO facility can help manage and meet your compliance deadlines.

Hydroblasting – This is the best choice if you need a less abrasive cleaning and preparation process for holding tanks, drums, stacks, boilers, vats, condensers, evaporator tubes, etc. The process uses high-pressure streams of water to remove surface materials from hard to clean items.Hazardous Waste Disposal warehouse, Charlotte, NC

12Emergency Response – ECOFLO knows that when an industrial spill, collapse, explosion, etc. occurs, time is of the essence. Our ECOFLO Emergency Response Team will arrive quickly to provide support and assistance, insuring the safety of the plant’s employees, first responders and the public. Our ECOFLO facilities have a fleet of vehicles specially equipped with the tools needed for spill response and cleanup, so that the process is quick and efficient.

Lab Packing – The EPA mandates that waste generators determine if their wastes meet the definition of a hazardous waste at 40 CFR 261. For waste deemed hazardous, it must be treated in order to meet the Land Disposal Restrictions prior to land disposal. Even small quantities of these substances can be dangerous. However, transporting these items requires specific carriers, which are federally licensed and insured and that the disposal facility receiving these items (lab pack) meets the Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDF) standards.

Some typical hazardous and nonhazardous waste items that the Mecklenburg County ECOFLO facility will remove and dispose of are as follows:


● Acidic Waste and Liquid ● Chrome ● Lead
● Asbestos ● Corrosive Waste ● Mercury
● Ballasts ● Cyanide ● Paint (oil or latex)
● Capacitors ● Cylinders ● PCB Waste
● Caustic Waste/Liquid ● Fluorescent Lamps ● Toxic Waste/ Liquid
● CFL Bulbs ● Halogen ● Waste-Water

The North Carolina ECOFLO team is here to help you be a leader in your industry. We will assist you in designing and sustaining an environmentally friendly hazardous waste reduction and removal plan that will not only meet EPA and OSHA requirements, but minimize your carbon footprint, too.

General Services from ECOFLO

ECOFLO of southern North Carolina also offers a wide range of industrial waste management removal and disposal services to public and private businesses, government offices, educational facilities, and medical facilities. You may choose a scheduled hazardous or non-hazardous waste management plan or only call ECOFLO when you need us.

Some common general services provided for household hazardous waste and residents who reside in Charlotte-Mecklenburg County are:Industrial waste management, Charlotte, NC

  • Removing CFLs
  • Florescent lighting
  • Asbestos
  • Oil and latex paints
  • Pesticides
  • Household cleaners
  • Used oil
  • Antifreeze
  • Batteries

We also provide general services for hazardous waste at your place of business through the removal of both drummed and bulk waste, plant air system cleaning, non-hazardous waste collection, special waste services, tank cleaning, storm drain maintenance, and industrial waste operations.

Training Opportunities from ECOFLO

Our Charlotte-Mecklenburg ECOFLO facilities offer both general and industrial services so that we can help you keep your part of the Carolinas free of hazardous waste. ECOFLO believes it is necessary to educate others about the eco-friendly waste disposal methods that can be used in industry. With that goal in mind, the NC ECOFLO team also offers a variety of training certification courses taught by certified hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal instructors. These classes are available for employees and service professionals and cover topics such as EPA compliance requirements, OSHA HAZWOPER certification and refresher courses, industrial health and safety standards, waste reduction solutions, and on-site hazardous materials management methodology.

With a proven track record for waste management reduction, removal, maintenance and sustainability plans, the ECOFLO staff is eager to help your company develop a plan to help you minimize your industry’s effect on the environment. Our staff is dedicated to providing hazardous waste training and compliance, and is eager to help you create a plan for maximizing your staff’s training and safety standards in the work place. To schedule your training certification course, contact your area’s ECOFLO location.

Charlotte is serviced via our Carolina facility located at 2750 Patterson St. Greensboro, NC 27407. 

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