Hazardous Waste Disposal in Richmond

Richmond Industrial Hazardous Waste Management

ECOFLO® is one of Richmond’s leading industrial cleaning, hazardous waste management, and special waste disposal service providers. Since 1982, ECOFLO has been the East Coast leader in operating full-time, permanent collection centers for municipalities and government agencies.

With more than 20 years of household and industrial hazardous waste disposal experience along the East Coast, you can trust ECOFLO’s expertise to clean up worksites and dispose of toxic or hazardous waste products in a way that safeguards our environment. The health and safety of all client workers, the community, and our HazStaff© personnel are of the utmost priority.

Who Are ECOFLO’s Customers?

ECOFLO’s Richmond team also provides comprehensive hazardous waste removal services to laboratories, school systems, hospitals, universities, research centers, and government agencies. We take every step to reduce your costs and minimize any liability for your business. ECOFLO is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of professional, specialized service.

ECOFLO’s certified and highly trained service professionals provide comprehensive industrial hazardous waste management and remediation services, as well as non-hazardous waste removal, to minimize liability and keep both your employees and facility safe. We service a diverse group of generators and manufacturers in numerous industries:


  • ChemicalRows of barrels of hazardous waste in Richmond, VA
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Metal fabricating
  • Heavy equipment industries
  • General contractors
  • Environmental engineers and consultants


ECOFLO proudly serves the following cities (and more) throughout Virginia:

● Alexandria ● Danville
● Arlington ● Fairfax
● Bedford ● Falls Church
● Bristol ● Franklin
● Charlottesville ● Fredericksburg
● Chesapeake ● Hampton
● Chesterfield ● Harrisonburg
● Lynchburg ● Roanoke
● Martinsville ● Rockingham
● Newport News ● Shenandoah
● Norfolk ● Virginia Beach
● Petersburg ● Waynesboro
● Portsmouth ● Williamsburg
 ● Pulaski

Industrial Cleaning in Richmond

Whether your business is in need of on-site industrial waste management, hazardous waste transportation, off-site disposal, emergency spill management and solutions or anything in between, ECOFLO is your all-inclusive resource for every waste management, removal, and disposal need. We continuously maintain exceptional safety and compliance records with all government agencies and industry-regulating bodies, such as OSHA and the EPA.

Through our own capabilities and our network of approved disposal facilities, ECOFLO is able to manage all hazardous, toxic, caustic, and corrosive waste removal, abatement, and disposal, including on-site solutions and transport services. We are responsible for every operational step from pick-up at your site to the end disposal site.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) in Richmond

With operations both throughout the Eastern Seaboard and inland, ECOFLO organizes many HHW drop-off drives in cities as well as for businesses that encourage their employees to care for their environment.

Here’s a list of some items that ECOFLO will dispose of for you:


● Paint – latex, oil-based ● Batteries
● Paint thinner ● CFL lightbulbs
● Lead paint ● Fluorescent lightbulbs
● Asbestos ● Ballasts
● Flammable materials ● Capacitors
● Household chemicals ● Fuel
 ● Yard chemicals  ● Mercury

Ash Handling

ECOFLO uses both macro-encapsulation and micro-encapsulation technologies to handle fly ash and other ash-related clean up and disposal needs. Our solutions are both advantageous, in terms of environmental friendliness, and cost effective for our customers.


Insustrial Hazardous waste cleanup in Richmond, VAAt ECOFLO, we take careful steps to handle and remove all hazardous and solid waste materials without contaminating your workspace, soil or groundwater supply. The health and well-being of your employees and your community, as well as our own HazStaff© team is our top priority.

However, if you’ve already experienced a contamination, ECOFLO is the East Coast leader in hazardous spill clean-up. We take every step to remediate your site so that the environment endures as little impact as possible.


Your expert Richmond ECOFLO team provides hydroblasting, high-pressure cleaning, and ultra high-pressure cleaning services for tankers, haulers, holding tanks, drums, stacks, totes, towers, and other storage and transportation equipment. ECOFLO’s hydroblasting process uses high-pressure water jets to remove surface materials from hard-to-clean items. Hydroblasting offers a less abrasive method to easily remove surface materials, such as paint and corrosion-based chemicals, and reduces concrete damage. Hydroblasting also produces less dust and noise, so it’s better for your employees’ health and safety.

Tank Cleaning

Does your business use and/or mix paint? Do you work with chemicals or store hazardous materials — especially in large quantities? Does your production process yield an unwanted by-product? If you answered ‘Yes,’ to any of these questions, then ECOFLO is the top resource for your industrial waste disposal and management needs. Your storage tanks should be maintained with regular and proper cleanings. Your experienced Richmond ECOFLO team specializes in the removal, management, maintenance, and disposal of all hazardous waste materials.

Confined Space Entry

ECOFLO also helps with your OSHA certifications. The Richmond ECOFLO team ensures that your location both meets and maintains these requirements.

Lab Packing Services

Planning to move your laboratory or facility? We specialize in lab packing, repackaging materials, and project management. With ECOFLO’s lab pack services, you can leave the planning, safe packing, and transportation to us.

Industrial Sludge Removal

ECOFLO provides a wide variety of industrial services, including hazardous waste handling, special waste services, and non-hazardous waste disposal, including industrial sludge removal, incineration, neutralization, and recycling whenever possible. Your Richmond ECOFLO is capable of providing structural and site decontamination services at both active and abandoned facilities.

Richmond Industrial Waste Removal

ECOFLO’s expertise includes the following services in the Richmond area:

● Air system cleaning ● Emergency spill response ● On-site treatment ● Tank cleaning
● Ash handling and removal ● Facility clean-out ● Process pipe cleaning ● Tower cleaning
● Confined space entry ● Hazardous waste ● Sludge disposal ● Toxic waste removal
● Decontamination ● Hydroblasting  ● Soil remediation  ● Transport tanker cleaning
 ● Drum management ● Industrial solids removal  ● Spill management ● Vacuum sweeping
 ● Duct cleaning  ● Lab packing services  ● Storm drain cleaning  ● Waste oil recovery


Industrial Hazardous Waste Transportation Services in Richmond

ECOFLO can remove industrial and hazardous waste for less-than-truckload or full truckload generators. We have punctual, efficient plans to meet your hazardous waste disposal needs.
At ECOFLO, we meet your needs by offering our Field Services Group for precise, fine-tuned operations:

  • Reactive containment and transportation
  • Lab packing and removal
  • Straight truck transportation tailored to your needs
  • Large and bulk quantity transportation to accommodate any size job

ECOFLO provides hazardous waste transportation throughout the Richmond, VA, area using our own fleet of vehicles: straight trucks, tractor-trailers, tankers, and dump-trailers. The Field Services Group offers a reliable less-than-truckload program as well as customized scheduling programs to accommodate the needs of full truckload generators. In addition, ECOFLO provides packaging, labeling, and manifest services at no extra cost to our customers.

Hazardous Waste Emergency Response in Richmond

When a hazardous waste emergency occurs, you’ll want a top-rated professional company on your side so that nothing is left to chance. ECOFLO® has developed a unique team of field chemists, logistics and transporter professionals, and management professionals who provide technical expertise on various environmental and hazardous waste management projects when the unexpected occurs. ECOFLO provides 24-hour, 365-day emergency response service to our client base. All hazmat response personnel have extensive training in emergency spill response. From senior level operations managers to hazardous material technicians, our personnel combine experience, knowledge, and training to provide safe, effective, and reliable solutions.

ECOFLO has implemented a new Emergency Response Network aimed at providing single-source management for emergency response, recovery efforts, and disposal. Our network of pre-qualified response contractors streamlines our customers’ risk management by utilizing ECOFLO as their primary point of contact for ALL of their environmental needs.

ECOFLO provides mitigation, containment, and clean-up capabilities for a broad range of incidents:

  • Transportation Incident Response
  • Hazardous Material Spill and Response
  • Chemical Transfers
  • Reactive and Explosive Stabilization and Disposal
  • Oil and Fuel Spill and Response
  • Remediation and Restoration
  • Confined Space Entry

Professional HazStaff© Training

ECOFLO in Richmond also provides training and safety services, on-site field services, complete emergency response plans, and fully trained and certified hazardous materials professionals to satisfy your temporary or permanent staffing needs. Just call and ask. We’ll be happy to assist your business with proper waste management and disposal on a daily, regular or occasional basis.

Richmond is serviced via our Carolina facility located at 2750 Patterson St. Greensboro, NC 27407. 

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