Hazardous Waste Disposal in Philadelphia

ECOFLO® in York, Pennsylvania is one of the state’s leading hazardous waste management, disposal and removal service providers.


Founded in 1982, ECOFLO was one of the first Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities (TSDF) designated under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). We provide hazardous waste management services, and hazardous waste disposal in Philadelphia, to government, medical, commercial and educational facilities all along the East Coast.

Offering a wide range of turn-key solutions, ECOFLO of Pennsylvania can provide multiple types of services.  It serves as a 10-day transfer facility that is able to provide our own fleet of rolling stock for industrial waste pickup and transportation, on-site waste management, and industrial cleaning projects. We have an excellent safety and compliance record with government agencies such as OSHA and the EPA.

At ECOFLO, you are not just another customer. You will have a direct line to a support and customer service agent, making us your one-call service provider for all your hazardous waste needs. In addition to industrial waste management services, the York, PA ECOFLO service area offers comprehensive emergency response resources. We can also provide qualified hazardous waste materials specialists who can help you with drum handling, hazardous waste inspection and handling, spill response, industrial waste clean-up and equipment operations.

Our York, Pennsylvania ECOFLO hazardous waste management service area includes New Jersey and Delaware and these Pennsylvania cities:

  • Philadelphia            •  Upper Darby
  • Westchester            •  Lancaster
  • South Hampton      •  Reading
  • Levittown                 •  Harrisburgh
  • Havertown               •  Pittsburgh

ECOFLO’s environmental and waste management services are make us your ideal choice whether you are a nonprofit, a commercial venture, or a private resident concerned about minimizing your carbon footprint.

31-300x229ECOFLO’s General Hazardous Waste Management Services in Philadelphia

  • Are you in an industry where mold abatement is a problem?
  • Does your facility have storage drums of waste that must be transported elsewhere?
  • Are you concerned about the air quality of your facility due to the processes and procedures used at your facility?

At ECOFLO of PA, we want to help private enterprises, government agencies, educational facilities, health care locations, commercial ventures and individual residences create a safe environment and, if necessary, dispose of hazardous waste materials. Our York, PA ECOFLO branch has many industrial waste services available so that your home and business can make a minimal impact on the environment.

Our hazardous and nonhazardous waste removal teams can come to your location and cart away drummed or bulked asbestos, lead paint, corrosive water, fluorescent bulbs, latex and oil based paint, flammable solids, waste water, batteries, sludge and many other items that are harmful to the environment. In addition, our industrial waste educators will visit your location and work with you to design a sustainable industrial waste plan.

ECOFLO Industrial Hazardous Waste Management Services in Philadelphia

ECOFLO Industrial Services is a national leading provider of on-site hazardous waste management that improves clients’ operational efficiencies and minimizes their costs. Our purpose is to protect the investment of each facility owner by providing the highest standards in quality and safety while meeting schedule requirements and minimizing environmental impact.

At ECOFLO, we want to help you protect the environment through providing industrial waste removal and industrial cleaning service packages. These packages include:

  • Facility Decontamination/Closure
  • Soil Remediation
  • Restoration of Abandoned Waste Sites
  • High Hazard Material Handling
  • Decommissioning, Closure and Removal of Chemical and Petroleum Storage Tanks
  • Cleaning and Decontamination of Structures and Equipment
  • Post-fire/Incident Site Restoration

Like our Hazardous Waste Disposal services in the Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC and Greensboro, NC, areas, ECOFLO of Pennsylvania also has a 10-day transfer station, so whether you need just a partial load or a full truckload of hazardous/non-hazardous waste removed, the ECOFLO Services Group can meet your industrial waste transportation needs.

ECOFLO also offers industrial hazardous waste cleanup and disposal services to laboratories, school systems, hospitals, universities, research centers, and government agencies. ECOFLO is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of quality professional service.

Industrial Services from ECOFLO include:

Chemical Cleaning – This process has proven to be nearly 100% efficient for cleaning and degassing equipment such as exchangers, air coolers, tanks, towers and boilers so that they are more effective. Because the chemical cleaning process is extremely adaptable, it is ideal for industries where manufacturing, power generating and chemical refining are practiced.

Hydroblasting – At ECOFLO, we know many industries have equipment that is vital to their processes, but difficult to clean according to EPA and RCRA standards. Our hydroblasting equipment can reach those hard to access areas, such as chemical reactors, process lines, ship hulls, boilers, tanks, vats and many others, to insure your facility meets EPA standards, thus providing a better work environment.

Industrial Vacuuming – ECOFLO provides a wide range of industrial vacuuming services. Equipped with the latest technology in industrial vacuum trucks, ECOFLO provides safe solutions to the most difficult industrial cleanup problems. From high-temperature waste to volatile liquids, ECOFLO provides reliable answers to complex situations. ECOFLO provides the following vacuum services:

  • Wet or dry vacuum systems
  • Removal of high-temperature materials
  • Material recycling and recovery
  • Product transfer
  • Filtration boxes for separation of suspended and settled solids from liquids
  • HEPA filters available
  • Tornado vacuum systems
  • Vacuum boom systems to prevent migration of decontaminated solutions

Tank Cleaning – Many companies use products such as latex, oil, or lead based paints and flammable chemicals like cyanide or halogen; or, they store materials like asbestos, sludge, PCB waste, caustic waste or liquid, toxic liquid or waste and other hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste, and need to store these items in large tanks. These tanks must be maintained through proper cleaning on a regular basis. The York, PA ECOFLO tank cleaning specialists are trained to remove, maintain and dispose of the storage tanks.

Emergency Response – No one wants to think about an emergency situation – especially one that could potentially involve hazardous waste material. However, it is a reality for which industries of all types must prepare. At ECOFLO, we are ready for any emergency scenario. Our Emergency Response and Management Team will arrive on the scene quickly to assist with protecting plant employees, first responders and the public. We have a highly competent emergency response team that is on-call 24/7/365.

Industrial Hazardous Waste Transportation Services in Philadelphia:

Whether you are in need of a less-than-truckload program or you are a full truckload generator, we have punctual, efficient plans to meet your hazardous waste disposal needs.
At ECOFLO, we meet your needs by offering our Field Services Group for precise, fine-tuned operations:

  • Reactive containment and transportation
  • Lab packing and removal
  • Straight truck transportation tailored to your needs
  • Large and bulk quantity transportation to accommodate any size job

ECOFLO provides hazardous waste transportation throughout the Philadelphia, PA, area using our own fleet of vehicles: straight trucks, tractor-trailers, tankers, and dump-trailers. The Field Services Group offers a reliable less-than-truckload program as well as customized scheduling programs to accommodate the needs of full truckload generators. In addition, ECOFLO provides packaging, labeling, and manifest services at no extra cost to our customers.


  • Only 1% each of plastic and aluminum products is recycled each year in the United States.
  • By-products of industrial activity account for 50% of all industrial waste produced globally every year.
  • The largest component of industrial waste is paper.

ECOFLO is here to help you leave a smaller ratio of carbon footprint to total waste managed.

We do this through providing our clients with onsite education and training certification programs. Our knowledgeable staff will spend time at your facility and determine a course of action that will make your processes better and safer for the world around us.

Philadelphia is serviced via our Pennsylvania facility located at 1059 Kings Mill Rd. York, PA 17403. To schedule your service request, click here to contact us.