• Caring for our environment and our business.
  • Creating a smaller carbon footprint ratio to total waste managed.
  • Ensuring our clients that their waste is managed to totality in a compliant manner.

Translating our meaning into action, we are focused on three platform areas:
  • Process awareness and improvement
  • Employee, Customer, and Community Education
  • Supporting customer footprint reduction as an on-going service.

“We enthusiastically embrace the challenges to support economic and environmental sustainability for the benefit of our current stakeholders and those to come.”

ECOFLO is committed to excellence and leadership in protecting the environment. In keeping with this policy, our objective is to reduce waste and emissions. We strive to minimize adverse impact on the air, water, and land through excellence in hazardous, non-hazardous, and solid waste reduction. Achieving and maintaining operational excellence and maximizing customer trust and confidence in our company’s hazardous waste management services and capabilities is a strategic imperative for ECOFLO.

ECOFLO Obtains ISO 14001 Environmental Systems Management Certification

ECOFLO becomes ISO Certified! ISO 14001:2004.2014 Emblem

Click above for more information  about the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Environmental Management (14001) standard.

ISO 14001:2014 certification allows ECOFLO the ability to
  • Identify and understand the environmental aspects of our activities, services, and associated environmental impacts;
  • Understand how significant aspects can be managed, implement necessary controls, and set clear objectives to continually improve our environmental performance;
  • Provide a tool for environmental performance improvement and the means to effectively monitor and measure environmental performance;
  • Facilitate reductions in pollution, waste generation, increase energy efficiency, and improve resource management; and
  • Better meet environmental legal compliance and corporate requirements.