Field Services

When you need on-site assistance look no further than ECOFLO Field Services. We are leaders in on-site project management as well as material and container management services.

ECOFLO’s field service team consists of professionals dedicated to meeting our customers’ needs for regulatory and technical operations and material packaging expertise.

When you have need for regulatory and technical assistance or material packaging expertise give us call. We have locations in Greensboro, NC, Americus, GA, and York, PA, that offer the following array of services to better serve your needs:

  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Lab packing / Repackaging Materials
  • Special Waste Handling
  • Shipping Document Preparations
  • Consolidation of Materials
  • Project Management

ECOFLO is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of quality professional service.

ECOFLO provides comprehensive waste management services to a diverse group of generators, including manufacturers in the chemical, automotive, electronics, metal fabricating and heavy equipment industries, in addition to general contractors and environmental engineers.

ECOFLO will collect drummed and bulk hazardous waste and will provide lab pack services to our clients. ECOFLO also offers lab pack waste services. A lab pack is a variety of small containers of chemical waste packaged together in a larger container for safe transport. ECOFLO has the ability to handle any non-radioactive, non-regulated medical, or non- explosive materials for the client. The wastes are sorted and segregated per DOT hazard class such as oxidizers, acids, and flammables and then packaged in UN specified containers which will be labeled and marked to DOT and RCRA requirements by our trained field chemists. The materials are packed in vermiculite to secure them and act as a non-reactive absorbent should any containers spill or break in transit.

In addition, ECOFLO offers lab packing services, lab clean-ups, closures or moves for schools and universities, manufacturers, health care centers, government agencies and research facilities.

Manifests, bills of lading, land disposal restriction notification forms and all other shipping documentation will be completed in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and disposal facility- specific requirements and prepared prior to Field Chemists arrival.

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