Household Hazardous Waste Programs

As a municipality or private entity, ECOFLO can provide you with permanent collection centers or scheduled collection events. Our programs are custom-tailored to meet your special needs.

ECOFLO® provides Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collections for municipalities and private entities through the operation of permanent collections centers or scheduled collection events. There is no standard solution for managing HHW that suits every community. Our programs are custom-tailored to meet the special needs of communities based on its population size, geographic dispersion, and financial resources. ECOFLO is fully prepared to work closely with the client to make its HHW program successful.

ECOFLO has been involved with the collection of HHW since the early 1990’s when it began offering free drop-off service for used motor oil to the local community. In addition, ECOFLO has managed numerous one-day events for municipalities, as well as events for private companies conducting collections for their employees and/or their local community. ECOFLO is also a leader on the East Coast in operating full-time, permanent collection centers for municipalities and government agencies.

  • Permanent Collection
  • Facility Operation
  • Seasonal Events
  • Disposal Services

  • Staffing/ Training
  • Recycling and Re-use
  • Electronic Waste (E-waste)