Transportation Services

Whether you are in need of a less-than-truckload (“LTL”) program or you are a full truckload (“FTL”) generator, we have an efficient transportation plan to meet your needs.

Here at ECOFLO®,   we can meet your requirements by offering our Transportation & Logistics Services for cost-effective options that include:

  • Company-owned fleet for efficient coordination.
  • Support of our audited & pre-approved 3rd party subcontractors.
  • Straight Truck transportation tailored to your LTL needs.
  • large and bulk quantity transportation to accommodate any size transportation job or project.

ECOFLO® can handle your Company’s industrial and hazardous waste transportation needs throughout our service area using our own fleet of vehicles. ECOFLO Logistics offers reliable, less-than-truckload programs (“milk-run” scheduling), as well as customized scheduling programs to accommodate the unique needs of our full truckload generators as they arise.

ECOFLO owns and operates its own fleet of rolling stock that includes straight trucks, tractor-trailers, tankers, vacuum trucks and trailers and dump-trailers. We offer both local and long-distance waste transportation from the generator’s site to our TSDF for disposal. In addition to these transportation offerings, ECOFLO provides labeling, loading and manifest services at no additional cost to the generator.